A Guide to Visiting the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam with Kids! 

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is the National Art Museum and provides excellent enrichment opportunities for children of all ages!

Its expansive art collection is bound to make any child curious and is a great way to teach them more about Dutch history through visual art.

Visiting a museum with kids can be chaotic. Here is a guide to help you navigate the Rijksmuseum in a kid-friendly way! 

Read further to discover discounts on children’s tickets, artworks that kids must see in the Rijksmuseum, the best time to visit, and much more. 

Why is the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum a Good Spot for Kids?

Rijksmuseum is the most child-friendly museum in the Netherlands and is a great place to create ever-lasting memories with your young one.

Here are some reasons why visiting Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will be beneficial for your child:

  • Rijksmuseum is a paradise for art lovers. The beautiful paintings and unique designs will help engage your child’s imagination and creativity!
  • Children learn better through visual depiction, and the paintings reflect the lives of real people from the past. Teaching your children historical facts as they look at these artworks will be easier.
  • The museum has artwork from Asia and many other countries on display. These artworks will broaden your child’s worldview and teach them about different cultures.
  • The Rijksmuseum has interactive displays and touchscreens that children can use to enhance their knowledge.
  • It is a great opportunity for family bonding time!
  • The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum organizes workshops, and children can get hands-on experience. You can also draw outside in the garden with your child! 

Family-friendly Rijksmuseum Tickets 

The best thing about visiting with children is the numerous age-based ticket discounts!

To make it easier for you to pick a ticket, we have shortlisted a bunch of tickets that are popular among tourists traveling with their families.

1. Standard Rijksmuseum Entry Ticket 

The standard entry ticket to Rijksmuseum gives you access to all the permanent exhibitions at the Rijksmuseum for a day.

Dive into Dutch art history and look closely at works by some of the most famous artists like Van Gogh and Rembrandt!

Explore the Nightwatch Rijksmuseum Gallery, Asian Pavillion, the famous Gallery of Honors, and much more with this ticket.

This ticket is perfect for visitors traveling with their families on a budget as children below 18 years can enter the museum for free!

Explore the old and brand-new artworks at the Rijksmuseum, including the Mondrian-inspired dress, delicate dollhouses, and much more.

Ticket price:

Adult ticket (19-99 years): €24 

Child ticket (18 years and below): Free entry  

2. Group Tour and Reserved Entry Ticket 

Going on a guided tour at the Rijksmuseum is an excellent way to excite children with knowledge of the museum!

The professional guide is great at explaining the history behind each work, making it easier for all kids to understand. 

The tour lasts 1.5 hours, which is not too long, and covers all the famous paintings and works at the Rijksmuseum.

The short tour is great for children who cannot stay still for long hours, and a great way to enhance their creativity and knowledge. 

The ticket allows reserved entry access to the museum, ensuring children need not wait in long lines!

This tour ticket is highly recommended for visitors traveling with their families and for history and art buffs!

Ticket price:

Adult ticket (18-99 years): €50

Child ticket (17 years & below): €30  

The Rijksmuseum official website also has a fun scavenger hunt family game ticket, perfect for kids!

The game includes searching for eight hidden secrets of the museum, and those who win will find a great surprise at the end of the treasure hunt. 

Best Time to Visit the Rijksmuseum with Kids

The Rijksmuseum receives over 2 million visitors yearly, and the museum can be pretty crowded every day.

The least crowd at the Rijksmuseum is seen early in the morning, at 9 am, as soon as the museum opens.

This is the best time to visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam with kids, as you can keep an eye on them easily when it is less crowded.

If you cannot make it early in the morning, the museum is also less crowded in the evening after 3 pm.

The Rijksmuseum closes at 5 pm on all days of the week.

Recommended Schedule for the Best Experience at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam with Kids

Planning your schedule can be difficult when traveling with young kids, as there are many factors to consider when taking kids along with you.

Here is a quick schedule to follow, allowing you to explore the best parts of the museum in a fun way that kids would enjoy.

1. Begin your trip in the Rijksmuseum Gardens

The most exciting space kids would enjoy at the Rijksmuseum is the lush green gardens surrounding the museum.

They have enough space to run around and get used to the place before entering the museum.

You can make the journey more exciting by creating a story of a mysterious search in the palace-like interiors of the Rijksmuseum before you get in. 

This is a good way to keep your child engaged and entertained, even if the entry lines take a while to move. 

2. Take a Lift to the Third Floor

We recommend you begin your exploration on the third floor and move downward to avoid crowds entering the museum.

Most people begin their visit with the Gallery of Honors, so most of the crowd will move to the second floor.

The end room on the third floor has a huge aircraft, a replica of the First World War aircraft and is bound to excite all children.

The best way to entertain your child in the museum is to pick an object, such as a flower, and ask them to point it out wherever they see it.

You can change the object per room, depending on the collection on display. 

This will allow you to enjoy the artwork at your own pace. 

3. Explore the Gallery of Honors on the Second Floor

The Gallery of Honors is a must-visit at the Rijksmuseum, and the paintings will also excite children!

Some paintings you should focus on when visiting with children are The Night Watch, The Threatened Swan, and a few more that we will cover later in the article.

If your child loves storytelling or listening to stories, you can ask them to create a short scene for some exciting paintings in the gallery to keep them focused.

The interior and wall designs of the Great Hall, which is connected to the Gallery of Honors, are beautiful and enjoyable even for children.

You can point out random shapes or animals in the wall designs and make them look for those to distract them.

The Great Hall is also a great place in the museum to capture memories with your kids, as the walls and lighting provide the perfect backdrop. 

You can also see the popular dollhouses on the second level, a favorite among kids! 

4. Dive into the History of Naval Ships and Weapons 

This is one of the most exciting displays in the Rijksmuseum, especially for kids of all ages!

The second floor has a huge display of replica Naval ships, and the giant William Rex replica greets you on entry.

Children who love pirate stories and action films will enjoy looking at the armor, pistols, and life-size cannons displayed at the Rijksmuseum.

You can see most daggers in the rooms on the ground floor, which you can visit if interested. 

5. The Informative Cuypers Library

The Cuypers Library is Amsterdam’s oldest and largest art library and is a paradise for all book lovers.

Children will enjoy the experience of pointing out so many artworks in the books.

You can also bring a sketchbook and pencils and ask them to copy their favorite art piece in the books or the museum.

The Cuypers library is a great place to take a small break before moving to the ground floor. 

6. The Asian Pavillion

The Asian Pavillion holds all the beautiful sculptures, holy items, print work, and other Asian decorative items. 

Some of the most attractive pieces in the Asian Pavillion for kids are The Japanese Temple Guardian statues.

This Rijksmuseum exhibition will give them a deeper understanding of different cultures by listening to the tour guide explain. 

7. Have a Meal at the Rijks Restaurant

The Rijks Restaurant is next to the Asian Pavillion and is a great place to end your exploration journey.

Your kid would be hungry after so much walking and enjoy a delicious treat from the Rijksmuseum Michelin-star restaurant.

It is also a nice relaxing place to take a break and enjoy a great meal.

All tourists should try the authentic Dutch dishes served at the Rijks Restaurant. 

8. Gift your Child a Memorable Souvenir! 

There is no other way to make your child happier than by gifting them a small souvenir from the Souvenir store at Rijksmuseum! 

The store has a curated section of fun kid’s books and other items.

Artworks kids would enjoy seeing at the Rijksmuseum

Small children may find museum visits boring, but the Rijksmuseum has some stunning artworks to capture your child’s attention! 

Here are some of the works that are a must-see when visiting the Rijksmuseum with kids: 

1. Doll Houses by Petronella Oortman 

The dollhouses displayed at the Rijksmuseum are from the 17th and 18th centuries and are a major attraction for all visitors.

Children will enjoy looking at the furniture-filled interiors of the house and learn more about the people’s lives back in the past.

These houses were a replica of the houses Petronella Oortman lived in, and each item is made of expensive and delicate materials.

These houses are a great attraction for kids who love playing with dolls!

You can find the Dollhouses on display in room 2.20 in the Rijksmuseum. 

2. William Rex Model Ship

This is one of the biggest model ships in the Rijksmuseum, loved by all children on their visit!

The William Rex replica is in room 2.15 at the entrance of the Gallery of Honors.

It replicated the appearance of Dutch warships, which sailed the seas in the 17th century.

The cannons and anchor of the ship look realistic and are a great attraction for all kids in the Rijksmuseum. 

It is a great place to test your child’s creativity by asking them to tell you more about what they would do if they were riding the ship and ruling the seas!

3. The Night Watch by Rembrandt Van Rijn

The Night Watch is the most famous painting in the museum and a must-see for all visitors.

The Rijksmuseum has an exciting online app that gives the backstory of the Night Watch, which older children would enjoy.

The size of the painting is bound to capture the attention of all visitors, including children in the Night Watch Gallery.  

To grab the attention of young kids, you can ask them to describe what they think the people in the painting are doing.

It is also an excellent opportunity to teach the kids about history through visual observation. 

4. Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are known for their vibrant colors and brush strokes.

The Self Portrait is also very colorful and is perfect for capturing children’s attention at the Rijksmuseum. 

This painting is on display in room 1.18 in the Rijksmuseum.

If your child enjoys watching this painting, we recommend you explore the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. 

5. The Threatened Swan by Jan Asseljin

Children who enjoy nature will enjoy seeing The Threatened Swan painting in the Gallery of Honors.

The painting holds a deep historical significance, as it is rumored to be a Dutch statesman protecting his country from enemies.

However, one can interpret the impactful image in any way, and it is a great option to ask your child to form their interpretation of the piece.

You can also discuss the emotions the piece shows, which is a great way to develop emotional intelligence among older children and teach them more about animal protection. 

6. Nightlight in the Form of a cat

The museum displays a small porcelain nightlight, shaped like a cat, from the 18th century.

Kids will enjoy looking at the vibrant orange colors of its body and its different colored eyes.

The lamp was made especially for children afraid of the dark and also to scare away rats.

Ask your child to copy the nightlight on the paper for an engaging activity. 

7. FK 23 Bantam by Frits Koolhoven 

This is a model of an aircraft used during the First World War, and the beautiful body and wings are a hit with all kids!

The model is placed in room 3.2 and is made entirely of wood.

You can see the pilot’s seat and the aircraft’s interiors, which will be a fun experience for kids who love such plane models. 

One of the most interesting facts about the plane is that it could fly at a speed of 240 kilometers in an hour! 

Facilities available at the Rijksmuseum for children

Facilities available at the Rijksmuseum for children
Image: Getyourguide.com

Here are some facilities the Rijksmuseum provides to ensure a smooth visit with kids!

  • Strollers and pushchairs are available in the museum to use on a visit.
  • You can find a changing room for kids close to the washroom on the ground floor.
  • Only front-child carriers are allowed in the museum. 
  • The staff will direct you to a feeding room in case of need. 
  • You can use the cloakroom to store your baby’s luggage while you explore the museum in comfort.
  • You can carry your kid’s favorite snacks and have them at the Atrium or the Picknik, which is open only on Wednesdays. 
  • The Rijksmuseum Cafe offers a special children’s menu if you forget to bring snacks. 
  • The Souvenir store is a great place to distract your kids, as many children’s books and toys are available for purchase. 

Tips for a great time with kids at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam!

Here are some necessary things to remember when visiting the Rijksmuseum with kids:

  • Plan your exploration inside the museum. It is a huge museum, and planning will ensure you navigate the space better. 
  • Bring pencils, papers, and an eraser so children can distract themselves and try to copy things they like at the Rijksmuseum.
  • Ensure that you bring snacks and water with you. 
  • The Rijksmuseum has many resting benches throughout the museum. Ensure to take regular breaks. 
  • The Group Tour is highly recommended for kids, as they can interact with the local guide and learn more. This also keeps them distracted enough throughout the trip. 
  • Promise to get your kid a reward at the end for their good behavior. You can purchase books or other playthings from the Souvenir store. You could also get them some food they love from the Cafe!

FAQs for visiting the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam with kids 

1. What is the Rijksmuseum family quest?

The Rijksmuseum family quest is a group game for visitors at least seven years old. You must search for eight secrets about the Rijksmuseum in an hour. Winners get a prize at the end. 

2. What is the ticket price for kids at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam?

The standard entry Rijksmuseum ticket costs €24 for adults 19 to 99 years. The Rijksmuseum guided tour costs €50 for adults. Children 18 years and below can visit the Rijksmuseum for free. 

3. Is Rijksmuseum free for 18-year-olds?

Yes, the Rijksmuseum is free for visitors 18 years and younger. 

4. Which is the best artwork to see for kids in the Rijksmuseum? 

The best artwork kids must see at the Rijksmuseum are the Dollhouses by Portnella Oortman. 

5. When is the Rijksmuseum least crowded?

The Rijksmuseum is the least crowded from 9 am to 11 am and after 3 pm.

6. Are children allowed to see all exhibits in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum? 

Yes, children are allowed to see all the Rijksmuseum exhibitions. 

7. Can I bring snacks for my kids at the Rijksmuseum?

Yes, you can bring snacks for your children to eat at the Rijksmuseum. 

8. Is the Rijksmuseum accessible for children with disabilities? 

Yes, the Rijksmuseum is completely wheelchair accessible. There are lifts available on all floors. There are special washrooms at Rijksmuseum for those with disabilities. 

Featured Image: Getyourguide.com

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