Explore the Vermeer Rijksmuseum Masterpieces in 2024!  

The Rijksmuseum is a paradise for Dutch history and art lovers, with its massive collection of over 8,000 display artworks.

The temporary Vermeer exhibition, Rijksmuseum, received so much attention that the museum has displayed a permanent collection of his masterpieces!

Visitors planning to explore the Vermeer Rijksmuseum collection in 2024 must know all about the paintings on display and ticket prices.

Read further to discover the best visiting times and the room where you can find Johannes Vermeer’s brilliant paintings. 

Who is Johannes Vermeer?

Johannes Vermeer is one of the most influential Dutch artists from the 17th century, who prospered in the Dutch Golden Age. 

His work became popular worldwide in the 19th century, and Vermeer became famous after his death. 

Visitors can identify his works by the everyday realism and mundane activities he captures in his paintings with perfect details.

You can see the details that make his paintings lifelike, such as the shadows to show skirt folds, a small nail on the white wall, and many more hidden gems!

His paintings follow a particular aesthetic, as he used a similar color scheme in all of them. 

His favorite color to include in all his paintings is the blue Lapis Lazuli color, which was rarely used by artists of his time. 

Most of Vermeer’s paintings are portraits.  

Some of his most famous paintings are:

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring
  • The Milkmaid, which is on display in the Rijksmuseum
  • The Art of Painting
  • The Little Street in Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum organized the biggest exhibition of Vermeer’s paintings in 2023, which attracted millions of visitors. 

Vermeer in Rijksmuseum – Paintings

Johannes Vermeer’s paintings at Rijksmuseum are in the Gallery of Honors, beside the famous Night Watch painting. 

Let’s explore the four Vermeer paintings on permanent display at the museum: 

1. The Milkmaid

The Milkmaid is a painting of a woman pouring milk from a jug to a bowl, doing a simple household chore.

This painting reflects Vermeer’s ability to make even the most mundane tasks look timeless and beautiful.

Vermeer captures small details like milk droplets on the table and warm brown floor tiles.

The Milkmaid is the most famous work by Johannes Vermeer, after the Girl with a Pearl Earring. 

2. Woman Reading a Letter

This painting by Johannes Vermeer, crafted in 1663, shows a woman sitting at a table, absorbed by a letter in hand.

Vermeer has used the beautiful lapis lazuli blue color in her coat and on the chairs in the room. 

He has given the painting a blue tinge, with a light shade mixed into the woman’s skin, showcasing the reflection off the walls.

You can also see Vermeer’s masterful precision when capturing the light and shadows in the painting.

This subject of the painting is captured in a domestic setting of a simple household and pays no attention to the capturer of the image. 

3. The Little Street 

Also known as the View of Houses in Delft, the Little Street was painted in 1658 by Johannes Vermeer.

The painting captures a perfect image of a quiet row of brick houses with cracked, old walls and many windows. 

Like all other Vermeer paintings, this painting is famous for its details and simplicity. 

You can see the daily lives of these ordinary people reflected in the painting, with a woman sweeping, a child playing outside, and more.

The house captured on the right side of the painting belonged to Vermeer’s relative, Arianetgen Claes, who lived here with her children from 1645 to 1670. 

4. The Love Letter 

This masterpiece was painted by Johannes Vermeer around 1670 and captures the scene of a maidservant giving a letter to an elegantly dressed woman. 

The foreground of the painting has a tied-up curtain through which we observe the scene, indicating a secret activity. 

Vermeer delicately captures the fabric of the woman’s silk clothing with light and shadows, making the painting appear lifelike. 

All paintings in the Vermeer exhibit at Rijksmuseum, including the Love Letter, are known to convey human emotions perfectly.  

The black and white floor tiles make the image look 3D! 

Vermeer in Rijksmuseum – Ticket Prices

Rijksmuseum Vermeer tickets are not available at the museum entrance. You must purchase them online.

Since these paintings are on display permanently, you do not need to buy separate Vermeer Rijksmuseum tickets to see the Vermeer exhibit.

Vermeer paintings are in the Gallery of Honors on the museum’s second floor. 

The standard entry Rijksmuseum ticket gives you access to all permanent exhibits, including the Johannes Vermeer paintings, for €24. 

Children up to 18 years old can visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam for free with this ticket!

History buffs will also enjoy a guided tour of Rijksmuseum, where the guide narrates stories and history behind each artwork for €45.

Guided tours provide context to the masterpieces you see and make the tour interactive and engaging.  

Vermeer in Rijksmuseum – Best Time to Visit 

The Gallery of Honors is the most crowded gallery at the Rijksmuseum.

It houses famous paintings by artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer, and other exceptional artists from the 17th century.

The Rijksmuseum opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm daily.

The gallery is the least crowded from 9 am to 11 am and after 3.30 pm. 

Vermeer in Rijksmuseum – Tips 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when visiting the Vermeer Rijksmuseum exhibit for the first time:

FAQs for Vermeer Rijksmuseum exhibit

  1. Which Vermeers are at the Rijksmuseum?

    There are four paintings by Johannes Vermeer on display in the Rijksmuseum. The Love Letter, The Milkmaid, Little Street, and Woman Reading a Letter. 

  2. What is special about Vermeer?

    Vermeer’s paintings capture realism perfectly, using light and shadows. His paintings focus on making domestic life appear beautiful. He also does a great job of capturing the fine details in a painting. 

  3. What is the ticket price to see Vermeer at Rijksmuseum?

    The standard Rijksmuseum ticket price is €24 for adults. Children 18 years and below can visit the Rijksmuseum for free. 

  4. What are the timings to see paintings by Vermeer at Rijksmuseum?

    The Vermeer exhibit opens and closes at the same time as the museum. The Rijksmuseum opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm. 

  5. Where are the Vermeer paintings displayed in the Rijksmuseum? 

    The Vermeer paintings are all on display at the Gallery of Honors. It is located on the second floor of the Rijksmuseum. 

  6. Can I take photographs of the Vermeer artworks at Rijksmuseum?

    Yes, you can capture photographs in all rooms of the Rijksmuseum. Avoid using flash photography. 

  7. What other artworks can I see in the Rijksmuseum? 

    You can see a huge collection of paintings by 16th and 17th-century Dutch artists. There is also a collection of fashion, photography, jewelry, and daily-use items. The Asian art collection is a must-see.

Featured Image: Bruno Coelho (Canva)

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