Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum: Traditional vs Modern Art!

Amsterdam has the most vibrant art history and houses some of the best art museums in the world!

The Rijksmuseum is the National Art Museum and a paradise for art lovers with its gigantic Dutch art collection from the 16th and 17th centuries. 

The Moco Museum, also known as the Modern & Contemporary Art Museum, allows visitors to discover new forms and mediums of art with its contemporary collection.

Visitors planning to explore Amsterdam’s art scene would want to know about the Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum.

Don’t forget to check out which museum we recommend for your visit!

Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum – Our Recommendation

Which art museum in Amsterdam is the best? 

Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum are the top attractions in Amsterdam and must-visit for all tourists. 

Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in the Netherlands and displays art and history related to the Golden Dutch Era. In contrast, the MOCO Museum offers a completely different experience—a glimpse into modern art.

As both these museums are located just 5 minutes away from each other, we recommend you visit them both. 

Visitors can book a combo tour for both these museums for a nice and hassle-free visiting experience. 

However, if you are under a time crunch, the decision depends on what you prefer. 

If you like street art and wish to learn about the various ongoing issues, then the Moco Museum is the place to be. 

Rijksmuseum is the perfect option for all art enthusiasts who wish to enjoy a traditional art experience. 

A Quick Comparison of Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum

When we compare the Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum in a battle to find the best, here are some important factors to consider.

This table will help you learn details of the museums at a glance – 

RijksmuseumMoco Museum
Location: AmsterdamLocation: Amsterdam
Art from years 1200 to 2000   Modern art from 2017 to present
Timings: 9 am to 5 pmTimings: Monday to Thursday: 9 am to 7 pmFriday to Sunday: 9 am to 9 pm
Most famous artists in the Museum: Rembrandt van Rijn The most famous artist in the Museum: Banksy
Ticket price: €24Ticket price: €22
Buy this ticketBuy this ticket 

Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum – The Art Collection 

Rijksmuseum Collection

The Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum have impressive art collections and showcase completely different forms of art. 

The Rijksmuseum is the National Art Museum of Amsterdam and houses one of the largest collections in Europe, with 8,000 works on display.

The Rijksmuseum collection dates back to the 1200s, and most of the artwork is from the Dutch colonies.

You will find works by famous artists like Rembrandt Van Rijn and some stunning pieces by Vincent Van Gogh at Rijksmuseum.

Visitors can dive into the war history of the Netherlands, with many naval ship replicas displays and an impressive weapon and armor collection. 

Enjoy a journey through the Asian continent at the Rijksmuseum, with the beautiful Asian Art collection, including prints, sculptures, and more.

It is also highly recommended for fashion designers, as the museum displays many clothes and jewelry items.

The most famous works at Rijksmuseum are The Night Watch by Rembrandt, The Doll Houses owned by Petronella Oortman, and the Temple Guardian Japanese statues. 

Moco Museum Collection

The Moco Museum in Amsterdam houses a captivating art collection made by modern street artists and reflects popular culture.

Each artwork at the Moco Museum conveys a strong political, emotional, or personal message to the public, making the museum popular among visitors.

Some of the most famous artists at Moco Museum are Banksy, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, and many more. 

Artworks from all over the world are displayed in the permanent collection of Moco Museum Amsterdam.

The Museum also has an immersive art display in the Moco Gardens, with giant gummy bears and other colorful displays.

The Moco Museum organizes temporary exhibitions throughout the year, which exhibit masterpieces you must see on your visit!

Currently, the Museum has two digital immersive displays, one showcasing the marvels of nature, and the other has fun and colorful mosaics and other designs.

Some of the most popular art pieces at the Moco Museum include the Laugh Now print, the Infinity Mirror Room, and Radiant Baby by Keith Haring. 

Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum – The Best Collection?

Both the Rijksmuseum and the Moco Museum have very different art displays and are worth visiting!

The Rijksmuseum’s collection focuses more on traditional art and explores the techniques and concepts used by painters in the past. 

The Moco Museum, on the other hand, is a modern attraction with its beautiful digital displays and robotic art forms. 

Comparing the art collections of Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum is difficult since they offer completely different experiences.

Overall, it is impossible to choose a single winner, but visitors should explore both museums for a mix of traditional and modern to spice up their art journey in Amsterdam. 

Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum – Ticket Prices

You need an entry ticket to explore the Rijksmuseum exhibitions or Moco Museum art galleries.

You can purchase your Moco Museum entry tickets at its entrance, while you can only purchase the Rijksmuseum tickets online.

The standard Rijksmuseum entry ticket allows visitors to explore all the permanent exhibitions for €24 for an entire day. 

The museum allows visitors 18 years and below free entry, making it an excellent place for a family trip!

If you want to visit the temporary exhibitions at Rijksmuseum, you have to purchase other tickets, specifically for the exhibit, from the official website. 

The standard entry Moco Museum tickets allow complete access to the permanent and ongoing exhibitions in the museum for €22 for an hour. 

This ticket also has age-based and student discounts!

The Moco Museum tickets are more affordable when comparing the ticket prices for Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum.

But, since the Rijksmuseum tickets allow you to explore for a longer duration for only €2 more, we declare the Rijksmuseum a winner in this section!  

Highlights & Features of Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum has the biggest art collection in Amsterdam and is also the most visited museum in the city.

Here are some rooms and works you must see at the Rijksmuseum for the best art experience in Amsterdam!

1. Gallery of Honor

The Gallery of Honor is the most popular exhibit room in the Rijksmuseum and attracts a huge crowd of visitors every day.

It displays the most famous paintings in the Museum, including Rembrandt’s masterpieces. 

You can also see masterpieces by Johannes Vermeer at the Gallery of Honors, and his famous The Milkmaid painting. 

The gallery is lit up with bright white lighting so that the brush strokes in the paintings are enhanced, making it easier to view the tiny details of the painting.

The walls and flooring of the gallery are a dark navy blue, and a beautiful vintage chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling. 

The Night Watch Gallery is a special room displaying The Night Watch by Rembrandt and connects to the Gallery of Honor. 

We recommend visitors begin their exploration from the Gallery of Honors, as it might get crowded later in the day. 

2. Asian Pavillion

The Asian Pavillion is a giant exhibition in the Rijksmuseum with artworks from India, China, Japan, and other Asian countries.

It has a simple interior design with glass and sandstone walls, making all the sculptures on display stand out.

Some of the most famous art pieces in the Asian Pavillion are The Shiva Nataraja statue, Two Japanese Temple Guardians, and the wooden Vogelkool.

You can see jewelry pieces, traditional Japanese tea bowls, and intricate oil lamps in the Asian Art collection as well. 

3. The Great Hall

The Great Hall is another gallery in the Rijksmuseum with beautiful architecture, and the room is as beautiful as the artworks on display.

The Hall has colorful glass-painted windows, and the walls have painted tableaux designs.

The room gives off a magical feeling, as it is covered in artwork from floor to ceiling.

Even the rooms’ floors have tiles with the most perfect mosaic designs.

Beautiful sculptures of angels and a huge carriage are on display in the Great Hall. 

4. Rijks Restaurant

The Rijks Restaurant is a one-star Michelin Restaurant located in the Rijksmuseum and is a great place to relax after exploring the museum.

The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a kitchen island at the center. 

It offers Amsterdam’s most authentic Dutch cuisine and is a must-try, especially for a romantic date. 

The Rijksmuseum also has a small cafe where you can stop and grab a quick snack and drink.

5. Cuypers Library

The Rijksmuseum is not only the largest museum in Amsterdam but also houses the city’s largest art library!

The Cuypers Library is a paradise for book and art lovers, having over 450,000 books.

You can explore this library for free without any prior appointment with an entry ticket.

The library has beautiful glass ceilings, which act as skylights and brighten the entire space throughout the day.

It is an aesthetic and cozy place to enjoy reading and a great spot for photography.

6. Rijksmuseum Gardens 

Now that we have explored all the rooms inside the museum, the Gardens should be your next stop!

The beautiful and well-maintained gardens are a perfect relaxing and photography spot.

You can find an extension of the Rijksmuseum in the gardens, as many sculptures are outside.

Nature lovers can relax on a bench and enjoy the variety of plants and beautiful views of the museum from the garden. 

Highlights & Features of Moco Museum

Moco Museum Amsterdam is famous worldwide for its unique modern street art displays.

Here are some of the best exhibits you should visit when exploring the Moco Museum! 

1. The Banksy Exhibit

The Laugh Now Banksy Exhibit at Moco Museum is one of the most visited exhibitions in the Moco Museum Amsterdam.

Banksy is one of the most influential artists of the century, as his artwork speaks of political crimes and other social issues.

Some most famous Moco Museum Banksy pieces are Girl with a Balloon, Flower Thrower, and Laugh Now. 

Street art fans can enjoy a close-up look at the spray paint techniques Banksy uses.

History buffs can learn more about human history through this exhibit at Moco Museum.

2. Moco Gardens

The Gardens of Moco Museum are a spectacular spot for photography, as they are decorated with giant gummy bears and other aesthetic objects.

This display changes regularly, and the garden features international artists and offers the most magical experience.

Some famous art pieces in the Moco Garden include the Snub Cube, Gummy Bear, and a Thinking of You sculpture!

3. Yayoi Kusama’s Art Exhibit

The art exhibited by Yayoi Kusama is another popular attraction in the Rijksmuseum as it has a fun look and illusion-like interiors.

The room is by famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who covered all surfaces with colorful dots and used pumpkins in her designs.

Her art shows people’s faces with OCD and other mental illnesses, as she paints all her work in a psychiatric ward.

This exhibit draws a huge line of tourists worldwide because of its immersive quality, as the dots are the only highlights visible in the dark room.  

4. Digital Art Experience Rooms

Most immersive art displays in the Moco Museum are temporary and keep changing regularly.

You can enjoy a beautiful nature-themed, relaxing display by an Argentinian artist at the temporary exhibit till 28 April 2024.

Another digital immersive art display at the Moco Museum involves colors and kaleidoscopic shapes by studio Irma.

They have five different rooms with unique themes, which you can explore in the Moco Museum. 

Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum – Best Highlights & Features?

The Rijksmuseum and the Moco Museum have completely different highlights and features you must see.

The Rijksmuseum is a better option for those going on a date, as they can spend longer here and enjoy the library and restaurant services in the museum.

Artists beginning their classes can learn about realism and discover new techniques at the Rijksmuseum.

The Moco Museum, on the other hand, is great for people who enjoy modern and interactive art with a hidden creative meaning to discover.

When we judge for the best features and highlights, the choice depends on the kind of experience you want at the museum. 

Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum – Popularity & Crowd Expectations

Even though the Rijksmuseum is within 5 minutes walking distance from the Moco Museum, there are slight differences in their popularity among visitors.

The Rijksmuseum receives around 2.7 million visitors annually, and this number continues to grow!

The Modern and Contemporary Art Museum attracts around 2 million visitors yearly.

The art on display here is rebellious and street-style contemporary art. 

The summer months of July and August are the most crowded in Amsterdam, as it is the peak tourist season.

You can find less crowds at the Moco Museum and Rijksmuseum in March, April, September, and November. 

We recommend you plan your visit on a weekday, early morning at 9 am, or late evening to avoid the crowds.  

When we compare the popularity of Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum, the Rijksmuseum wins by a slight difference!

Hence, we recommend you visit both museums as tourists find them equally interesting and unique! 

Moco Museum & Rijksmuseum – Location & Accessibility

The Moco Museum and Rijksmuseum stand in the Museumplein area in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

The Rijksmuseum is a cultural hub between Van Gogh and Stedelijk museums.

Address: Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands. Get Directions

The Moco Museum is located in Villa Alsberg, five minutes from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It stands between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.

Address: Honthorststraat 20, 1071 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands. Get Directions. 

The Moco Museum and Rijksmuseum are easily accessible by public transport. 

Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum – Opening Hours

The Rijksmuseum is open from 9 am to 5 pm on all days of the week.

You can visit the Rijksmuseum Cafe and Souvenir Store from 9 am to 5 pm with an entry ticket and from 5 pm to 6 pm without any entry ticket. 

Rijks Michelin-starred restaurant is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday.

Dinner service is available from Tuesday to Sunday. 

The Moco Museum is open from 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Thursday and from 9 am to 9 pm from Friday to Sunday.

When we compare the timings of Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum, the Moco Museum is open for longer hours on all days of the week and is the winner! 

Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum – The Best Art Museum

Choosing the best art museum in Amsterdam among the Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum depends on your expectations.

The Rijksmuseum offers a traditional art experience and a diverse range of work from painting to sculpture.

The Moco Museum offers a modern outlook on art with its digital immersive art, spray painting, and illusions.

FAQs for Rijksmuseum vs Moco Museum 

  1. Which is better Rijksmuseum or Moco Museum?

    The Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum offer different experiences, as the art is from different periods. Rijksmuseum offers the best art display from the 16th and 17th-century Dutch colonies. The Moco Museum displays contemporary and modern art. Both museums are a must-visit! 

  2. Among the Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum, which Museum is quicker to explore?

    You can explore the Moco Museum in three hours, while the Rijksmuseum takes around four to five hours to explore. 

  3. Is the Rijksmuseum or Moco Museum more crowded?

    The Rijksmuseum is slightly more crowded than the Moco Museum. Overall, both of these museums have similar crowd levels. It is best to visit early morning on weekdays to avoid the crowd. 

  4. Which museum among the Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum is open for longer hours?

    The Moco Museum is open for longer on all days of the week. Rijksmuseum closes at 5 pm. Moco Museum closes at 7 pm from Monday to Thursday and 9 pm from Friday to Sunday. 

  5. Is the Rijksmuseum or Moco Museum cheaper to visit in Amsterdam?

    The Rijksmuseum is worth your money since the standard ticket costs €24 for a day. The Moco Museum ticket costs €22 for an hour.

  6. Which museum among the Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum is open for longer hours?

    The Moco Museum is open for longer on all days of the week. Rijksmuseum closes at 5 pm. Moco Museum closes at 7 pm from Monday to Thursday and 9 pm from Friday to Sunday.

  7. Is the Rijksmuseum or Moco Museum cheaper to visit in Amsterdam?

    The Rijksmuseum is worth your money since the standard ticket costs €24 for a day. The Moco Museum ticket costs €22 for an hour. 

  8. Can I dine in the Rijksmuseum?

    Yes, you can dine at the Rijks Restaurant in the Rijksmuseum. 

  9. Can I click photos at the Rijksmuseum and Moco Museum?

    Yes, photography is allowed in the Rijksmuseum. Avoid using flash or carrying equipment, like lights or tripod stands, to the museums.

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