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The Night Watch, Milkmaid


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9 am to 11 am & 3Pm

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Top Tickets for the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum Entrance Ticket



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1 Day

Instant Confirmation

Rijksmuseum Guided Tour (Skip the Line Entry)



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2 hrs.

Instant Confirmation

Rijksmuseum Private Tours (Skip the Line Entry)



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1.5 Hrs.

Instant Confirmation

Combination of Rijksmuseum and Canal Cruise Tickets



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1 day

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Rijksmuseum and Rembrandt Museum Combo Ticket



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5.5 Hrs.

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Amsterdam City Pass



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1 – 5 days

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For Solo & Budget Travelers

Suggested Ticket:

Rijksmuseum Entrance ticket

Ticket Price: $25

If you’re solo traveling or on a fixed budget, the Rijksmuseum Entrance tickets are the best option!

This ticket is the best-selling and cheapest ticket option available, allowing complete access to the permanent exhibitions of the Museum.

The ticket also allows you to explore the Museum at your own pace since it is valid from the time slot booked till the closing hours.

For a Detailed Visit

Suggested Ticket:

Rijksmuseum Guided Tour

Ticket Price: $69

History and art lovers and students looking to learn more while on their trip to explore the Rijksmuseum should take the Rijksmuseum Guided Tour for 2 hours!

This tour allows you to explore all permanent exhibitions of the Museum to see the top artworks with a tour guide, who will tell you more about the artists’ lives and the techniques used.

You can also skip all the entry queues with this tour, providing the most comfortable experience!

For Visitors to explore more of Amsterdam

Suggested Ticket:

Amsterdam City Pass

Ticket Price: $60

Tourists who want to explore more of Amsterdam at an affordable price should get the Amsterdam City Pass!

The pass comes with free transportation access, allowing visitors to ride unlimited buses, trams, and metros without spending a euro.

You can also explore other iconic art museums, including the Van Gogh Museum, Moco Museum, and 70 others for free!
The ticket is valid for 1 to 5 days, allowing you to schedule your itinerary as per your preference and even include a free Canal Cruise ride.

About the Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is one of the biggest Amsterdam Art Museum, housing an impressive collection of art from the Golden Dutch Age, other Asian artworks, and a Navy Model collection.

The Museum has been standing since 1885, attracting over 2 million visitors yearly to admire its extensive art collection!

You can see paintings by famous Dutch artists like Rembrandt and Vermeer, and the ancient Oortman Portnella Dollhouses.

The Museum also has a library, with a wide collection of ancient books, and a cafe and restaurant to dine in.

Plan Your Visit


The Rijksmuseum is open from 9 am to 5 pm on all days of the week, and even on all public holidays.

The last entry to the Musuem is at 4.30 pm. 

The Musuem is the least crowded from 9 am to 11 am, and after 3.30 pm, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

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Getting There

The Rijksmuseum stands in Amsterdam South in the Museumplein Square and is easily accessible by all means of public transport.

  • Bus Services:
    Bus numbers 321, 347, 397, 357, and others stop at the Ruysdaelkade bus stop, a 1-minute walk from the Musuem. 
  • Metro Station: 
    Vijzelgracht metro station is the closest stop near the Musuem, a 7-minute walk from the Museum, accessible from metro line 52.
  • Tram Services:
    You can reach the Museum by taking tram 2, 5, 12, or 19, which stops nearby.

Read How to reach Rijksmuseum

Restaurant & Cafe
  • The Rijksmuseum Cafe in the Atrium is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, with free entry from 5 pm to 6 pm.
  • Visitors can enjoy pastries, tea, coffee, mocktails, and lemonades.
  • The “Still Life” dish includes salsify soups, seasonal fruit salads, and rye balls with Gouda cheese dip.
  • The Rijks Restaurant on Museumplein offers a Michelin-star dining experience, serving organic Dutch cuisine for lunch and dinner, with reservations required.
  • The Espresso Bar and Garden House serve espressos, with another refreshment stand in the Philips Wing.
  • The Garden House is open from 9 am to 6 pm in summer.
  • No museum ticket is needed to visit the Gardens of the Rijksmuseum.
Fun Facts

The Museum has two entrances in the Passage, under the Arcade, next to the Museumplein side of the Rijksmuseum.

One entrance has 20 steps leading to the Atrium, and the other has a lift for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues.

  • Every work in the Rijksmuseum has English explanations at the bottom, so you can easily enjoy exploring without a translator.
  • The official Rijksmuseum app has the same guided tour as the paid audio guide in the Museum. Use the app to save more money while exploring!
  • Use the app to look for your favorite artworks in the Museum and get directions and shortcuts to get to the pieces. 
  • Even though the temporary collection tickets are only sold online, you can access some at the gallery’s entrance inside the Rijksmuseum if you’re lucky.
  • The washrooms on the ground floor of the Museum are the least crowded and cleanest. Avoid the second-floor washrooms. 
  • The Museum’s third floor is the least crowded part and the best option to explore during peak hours.
  • If you have no time to plan an itinerary, choose between the many free itineraries planned by regular Rijksmuseum visitors from the official app!  


The Night Watch

Rembrandt Van Rjin’s Night Watch painting depicts a group of the Klovenier’s military men, holding up their weapons, on the way to guard their city. This is Rijksmuseum’s most popular painting!


The Milkmaid

Johannes Vermeer’s Milkmaid painting depicts the domestic scene of a maid pouring milk into a Dutch oven pot. It is a timeless piece known for its bright and welcoming colors and composition.


Battle of Waterloo

Jan William Pineman’s Battle of Waterloo painting depicts Napoleon’s Battle with a portrait of the Duke of Wellington at the center. This painting is a favorite among history lovers!


Merry Family Painting

Jan Steen’s Merry Family painting is a favorite among kids, as it depicts a happy family bonding over music in a small, chaotic household.



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