Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Tickets – Prices, Discounts, Guided Tours, Skip the line & More!

Planning a visit to the National Museum of Netherlands, The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam? 

Rijksmuseum is Netherlands’s largest and most famous museum—a must-see for art and history lovers. 

This museum is dedicated to 800 years of Dutch history, displaying over 8,000 artifacts, including the iconic masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh.

Welcoming over 2.5 million visitors annually, this museum is the best place to experience the Dutch golden age through its centuries-old art and history. 

To make the most of your visit, advance booking of Rijksmuseum tickets is highly recommended. 

This article provides everything you need about Rijksmuseum ticket options, prices, discounts, and where to purchase them online.

Given the museums’ popularity, there are many ticket options, and visitors often find it confusing to select the right one. 

To help you select the perfect ticket, we have listed the three best tickets to Rijksmuseum.

Top 3 Rijksmuseum Tickets

Rijksmuseum Entrance Ticket

Rijksmuseum Entrance Ticket

  • Museum Entry
  • Access to the Permanent Exhibition
  • Cloakroom
Buy This Ticket | €23
Rijksmuseum Guided Tour

Rijksmuseum Guided Tour

  • Skip-the-line
  • Guided tour
  • Expert Guide
Buy This Ticket | €69
Rijksmuseum and Canal cruise tickets

Rijksmuseum and Canal cruise

  • 75 minute city canal cruise
  • Admission Ticket to Rijksmuseum
  • Snack box with drink
Buy This Ticket | €36

Type of Rijksmuseum Tickets

There are three types of tickets to Rijksmuseum: Rijksmuseum entrance ticket, Rijksmuseum guided tour ticket and Rijksmuseum private tour ticket

All these tickets are available at different prices and offer different visiting experiences. 

Let’s take a closer look at different types of tickets and learn more about their prices, highlights, inclusions, cancellation policy and more. 

1. Rijksmuseum Entrance Ticket

Rijksmuseum Entrance Tickets

As the name suggests, this is a general admission ticket to the Rijksmuseum that grants you entry to this museum. 

With this entry ticket, you can explore the museum’s permanent collections, including world-class artworks like Milkmaid, The Night Watch and many more. 

This is one of the most popular and best-selling tickets for Rijksmuseums.

This General Admission Ticket is ideal for budget travelers or those who prefer exploring at their own pace.

  • Enjoy a journey to the Golden Dutch Age and 800 years of Dutch History. 
  • Admire the world-renowned artwork by great Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. 
  • Witness the brilliance of famous paintings such as The Night Watch, The Threatened Swan, Battle of Waterloo and many more.
  • Adult Ticket (19 to 99 years): €23
  • Children Ticket (up to 18 years): Free Entry

This ticket is non-refundable

Buy This Ticket | €23

2. Rijksmuseum Guided Tour

Rijks Museum Guided Tour

This 2-hour guided tour of the Rijksmuseum gives you a more detailed and descriptive visit to the museum. 

With this guided tour ticket, you get skip-the-line entrance and will be a part of a small tour group limited to only 14 visitors. An expert tour guide will walk you through the museum’s extensive galleries and exhibitions.

The guide will narrate interesting facts and stories about the Dutch Golden Age and the art history of the Netherlands. 

Guided tours ensure you cover all the highlights of the Rijksmuseum. 

We highly recommend this ticket for art lovers and history buffs.

  • Skip-the-line access to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam 
  • An expert professional tour guide 
  • Explore the extensive art galleries in a small group of a maximum of 14 visitors.
  • Adult Ticket (19 to 99 years): €69
  • Youth Ticket (13 to 18 years): €40
  • Children Ticket (4 to 12 years): €40
  • Infant Ticket (up to 3 years): €2

This activity is non-refundable.

Buy This Ticket | €69

3. Rijksmuseum Private Tours

Rijksmuseum Private Tours

This 1.5-hour Rijksmuseum Private Guided Tour offers a personalized experience with skip-the-line entry and an expert guide dedicated to your group only.

This tour is best suited for visitors traveling with family or friends. 

The private tour ensures a comfortable pace, accommodating breaks for those who may need them during the museum’s extensive walking exploration, making it the best choice for visitors with children and the elderly.

  • Skip-the-line entrance ticket to Rijksmuseum
  • Access to Rijksmuseum Full Collection
  • Expert Private Museum Guide
  • Private & No Queue Gardrobe
  • Last Minute Additional Entrance
  • Free Entrance for under 18
  • 10% Discount at Museum Shop
  • Adult Ticket (18 to 100 years): €120 for two person 
  • Youth Ticket (up to 17 years): Free Entry

24-hour Cancellation Policy (You will get a full refund if you cancel the ticket 24 hours in advance)

Buy This Ticket | €120 (2 Person)

Rijksmuseum Combo Tickets

The combo tickets are a great way to save money and time while exploring most of Amsterdam.

These combination tickets allow you to visit the Rijksmuseum and have one more experience with the same ticket.

There are various types of combination tickets available for Rijksmuseum. You can get a Rijksmuseum+Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum+Canal Cruise ticket for a more wholesome experience. 

Here are 2 top Rijksmuseum combo tickets.

1. Rijksmuseum and Canal Cruise Tickets

Rijks Museum and Canal Cruise Tickets

Amsterdam is known for its canals, certified as World Heritage by UNESCO. 

No Amsterdam trip can be complete without experiencing an amazing cruise on this canal. 

With this combination ticket, you will enjoy a 75-minute Amsterdam canal cruise with access to Rijksmuseum as well.

Cruise on the canals of Amsterdam with a personal audio guide that comes in 19 different languages. 

You can upgrade your cruise by selecting a snack box with delicious bites and a beverage. The snack box adds a tasty touch to your onboard experience.

After a soothing cruise, use your ticket to gain access to the National Museum of Netherlands and The Rijksmuseum and admire 800 years of Dutch history.

  • Cruise along UNESCO World Heritage-listed canals of Amsterdam
  • Upgrade with a snack box for tasty treats and drinks
  • Capture amazing photos during your cruise
  • Learn about Dutch history at the Rijksmuseum
  • See artwork by famous Dutch masters like Vermeer, Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Jan Steen

This combo tour ticket is available in two different options: 

City Canal Cruise + Rijksmuseum and City Canal Cruise with Snack Box + Rijksmuseum

The prices for both these options vary. 

Price for City Canal Cruise and Rijksmuseum

  • Adult Ticket (18 to 99 years): €35
  • Children Ticket (up to 17 years): €14

Price for City Canal Cruise with Snack Box and Rijksmuseum

  • Adult Ticket (18 to 99 years): €45
  • Children Ticket (up to 17 years): €24
  • This ticket is non-refundable
Buy This Ticket | € 35

2. Rijksmuseum + Rembrandt Museum: Guided Combo Tour in English

Rijksmuseum + Rembrandt Museum Guided Combo Tour in English

Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are the two most visited museums in the Netherlands. 

This 5-hour guided tour takes you through the Rijksmuseum’s Dutch masterpieces and the Van Gogh Museum’s famous post-impressionist works. 

Follow the art history with an expert guide to see Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh’s famous paintings.

This Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum combo tour is preferred by many tourists who intend to make the most of their Amsterdam experience.

  • Skip-the-line entrance to the Rijksmuseum
  • Skip-the-line entrance to the Van Gogh Museum
  • Access to the permanent collection of Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum
  • Expert Tour Guide to explain every art exhibit of both the museum
  • Adult Ticket(18 to 99 years): €243
  • Children Ticket (10 to 17 years): €211
  • Infant Ticket (up to 9 years): €169

24-hour Cancellation Policy (You will get a full refund if you cancel the ticket 24 hours in advance)

Buy This Ticket | € 243

Amsterdam City Pass

Do you want to experience the best of Amsterdam without burning a hole in your pocket? 

If your answer is yes, then Amsterdam City Pass is the perfect choice for you. 

Amsterdam City Pass, also known as the Amsterdam City Card, lets you explore multiple city highlights with just one ticket at a very discounted price. 

The Amsterdam Pass

The Amsterdam Pass

See Amsterdam’s iconic landmarks and top museums with the Amsterdam Pass!

This all-inclusive pass gets you priority access to the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and a picturesque canal cruise for one low price. 

Marvel at Van Gogh’s legendary Sunflowers and Potato Eaters. Gaze at Rembrandt’s stunning The Night Watch, the crown jewel of Dutch Golden Age painting. 

Cruise past charming canal houses and bridges on a scenic 1-hour boat tour with an interactive audio guide. 

This Amsterdam Pass maximizes your time to experience the city’s very best. 

Don’t miss these must-see attractions – book the Amsterdam City Pass now for the ultimate Amsterdam experience!

  • General Admission Ticket to the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum
  • See Van Gogh’s masterpieces like Sunflowers, Potato Eaters, and Bedroom in Arles
  • View Rembrandt’s famous The Night Watch painting
  • Admire works by Vermeer and other Dutch masters
  • Learn about the Netherlands’ history and colonial past
  • Take a 1-hour canal cruise past historic houses and bridges
  • Get insider tips from included audio guides
  • Adult Ticket (19+ Years): €62
  • Adult Ticket (18 years old): €36
  • Youth Ticket (14 to 17 years): €10
  • Children Ticket (4 to 13 years): €7
  • Infant Ticket (up to 3 years): Free Entry
  • This city pass is non-refundable
Buy This Ticket | € 62

Rijksmuseum Tickets Prices

The general admission ticket to the Rijksmuseum costs €23 for adults between 19 and 99 years old. 

Children up to 18 years old can enjoy free entry to the museum. 

A guided tour of Rijksmuseum costs €69 for adults aged between 19 to 99 years. 

For visitors aged 4 to 18 years, this ticket is available at a reduced price of €40. 

Infants 3 years old and younger can visit the museum for €2.

Rijksmuseum Tickets Discount

Enjoy affordable access to the Rijksmuseum with amazing ticket discounts. 

Explore several choices for saving money on Rijksmuseum tickets and making the most of your visit.

The following discounts are available:

1. Free for ages 18 and under

This means anyone under the age of 18 years can enter the Rijksmuseum for free. 

The initiative helps to promote cultural education among children.

2. Free for Friends of the Rijksmuseum

“Friends of the Rijksmuseum” is a membership program. 

Members frequently receive privileges such as free admission, preferred access, invitations to exclusive events, and more.

3. Free for holders of Amsterdam City Card, ICOM, Vereniging Rembrandt, KOG, VVAK, and Vrienden Loterij VIP-KAART

These are all different types of membership or discount cards. 

Holders of these cards are entitled to free admission at the Rijksmuseum. 

For example, the Rijksmuseum is one of several Amsterdam attractions free to enter with the Amsterdam City Card. 

  • ICOM (International Council of Museums) cardholders 
  • Members of Vereniging Rembrandt 
  • KOG (Koninklijk Oudheidkundig Genootschap) 
  • VVAK (Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst)
  • VriendenLoterij VIP-KAART 

People belonging to any of the groups mentioned above also receive free admission.

4. Half-price for CJP and EYCA members

CJP (Cultureel Jongeren Paspoort) and EYCA (European Youth Card Association) are youth-oriented programs that offer discounts on cultural and artistic activities.

Members of these programs can attend the Rijksmuseum for half of the regular admission fee.

Which Rijksmuseum Ticket Should You Choose?

Now that we know everything about the tickets, prices, and discounts available at the Rijksmuseum, let’s discuss which ticket would be best for a great visit. 

In this section, we will help you determine which ticket you should choose for an unforgettable experience at Rijksmuseum.

When selecting the best-suited ticket for your visit to the Rijksmuseum, it’s important to consider various factors. Here are some options to consider:

Solo Tour For Rijksmuseum
Ticket Price: €23

1. For Solo Travelers or Budget-Conscious Visitors

If you are traveling alone or want to visit the Rijksmuseum on a budget, the General Admission ticket is the best option. 

This ticket provides flexible access to explore the extensive collections at your own pace. 

It allows you to appreciate the masterpieces while keeping expenses in check. 

Discounted General Admission tickets are also available for students and senior citizens. 

Whether traveling solo or on a budget, the General Admission ticket grants full access to admire the Rijksmuseum’s artwork in an affordable way.

For a Detailed and Informative Visit
Ticket Price: €69

2. For a Detailed and Informative Visit

Consider booking a guided tour if you wish for a more detailed and informative experience.

These tours are led by knowledgeable guides who provide insights into the museum’s highlights, history, and the stories behind the exhibited artworks.

Guided tours allow you to understand details and tales about the art and artifacts on display.

The expert tour guides will ensure you don’t miss the most important works and share fascinating facts that bring the museum to life.

For Group Travellers with Family or Friends
Ticket Price: €69

3. For Group Travellers with Family or Friends

For those traveling with a group, a private group tour is recommended. 

With this option, you’ll have a dedicated guide exclusively for your group, ensuring a personalized and interactive experience tailored to your interests. 

Ticket prices for private group tours will vary based on the selection of tickets and the services included. 

A private tour allows your group to ask questions and learn at your own pace. 

You can customize the tour to focus on the art and exhibits your group finds most interesting.

Explore Amsterdam in the Most Affordable Way
Ticket Price: €62

4. Explore Amsterdam in the Most Affordable Way

If you’re interested in exploring other attractions in Amsterdam along with the Rijksmuseum, you can get combo tickets or the Amsterdam City Pass

These include access to multiple attractions, like the Rijksmuseum + Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum + Canal Cruise

The combo tickets and city passes offer an efficient way to experience the top sights in Amsterdam.

You can conveniently bundle the Rijksmuseum with other highlights like the Anne Frank House, Royal Palace, or Hop On Hop Off bus. Combination tickets maximize your time and savings.

Where to buy Rijksmuseum Tickets From and How?

You can book Rijksmuseum tickets online, and it’s the best and simplest way to book your tickets.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to buy your tickets now: 

Step 1: Search for “Rijksmuseum tickets” to find the official ticket page.

Step 2: Browse the different ticket options like general admission, guided tours, and combo tickets.

Step 3: Select the ideal tickets based on your travel plans and preferences.

Step 4: Choose the number of tickets you want to book and a time slot for your visit.

Step 5: Click “Book Now” and complete the secure payment process.

Step 6: You’ll receive your tickets immediately on your email.

Step 7: Display your tickets on your smartphone when you arrive – no need to print!

Booking tickets online in advance provides a seamless and eco-friendly way to guarantee your admission to the Rijksmuseum. 

Benefits of Buying Rijksmuseum Tickets Online?

Here are some of the key reasons to purchase Rijksmuseum tickets online in advance:

Quick and Easy Booking: Purchasing Rijksmuseum tickets online is easy by following a very simple process. 

You can book your tickets in less than a minute, saving you a lot of time.

Limited Capacity: Tickets may sell out quickly because the Rijksmuseum has only a certain number of daily tickets available. 

You can avoid last-minute disappointments by purchasing your tickets online ahead of time.

Peak Times: The museum will undoubtedly be more crowded during peak times, such as holidays and weekends. 

However, if you buy your tickets online, you won’t have to deal with crowds or long lines.

Overall, purchasing your Rijksmuseum tickets online provides a convenient and cost-effective way to plan an enjoyable visit.

Avoiding Common Mistakes while buying Rijksmuseum Tickets

When buying tickets for the Rijksmuseum, one of Amsterdam’s most famous and visited museums, it’s important to plan your visit carefully to avoid common mistakes.

Here are some key tips to ensure a smooth experience:

Buy in Advance: Purchase your tickets online in advance to avoid long queues at the entrance. This also guarantees entry on your preferred date and time, as tickets can be sold out, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Check for Discounts: Before buying a ticket, check if you’re eligible for any discounts. Students, children, and senior citizens often qualify for reduced ticket prices. Additionally, certain passes, like the I Amsterdam City Card, include free entry to the Rijksmuseum.

Time Slot Selection: When purchasing your ticket, you’ll need to select a time slot for your visit. Choose a time that suits your schedule, keeping in mind that the museum can get particularly crowded during midday. Early morning or late afternoon visits are usually less crowded.

Cancellation Policy: Check the cancellation policy before buying your ticket. If your plans change, some tickets might allow you to cancel or reschedule your visit.

Special Exhibitions: The Rijksmuseum hosts special exhibitions that may require a separate ticket or an additional fee. Check the exhibition schedule and decide if you want to include any in your visit.

Plan Your Visit To Rijkmsueum

Now that we have learned everything about Rijksmuseum Tickets, we must look into the information essential to have a wonderful visiting experience. 

You will need information about opening times, the best time to visit, address and location, transportation, and some insider tips to plan your visit to the Rijksmuseum.

  • 9 am to 5 pm (daily, including public holidays)
  • Last entry 4.30 pm 

Click to know more about the Timings of Rijksmuseum.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Rijksmuseum is from 9 am to 11 am, ideally on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, with the most favorable months spanning from September to June. 

Learn more about the Best time to visit Rijksmuseum.

Address & Locations

The Rijksmuseum is located at the Museum Square (Museumplein) in the borough of Amsterdam South.

The exact address is Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands

How to Reach

Here are the transportation that you can use to reach Rijksmuseum: 

By Tram:

Several tram lines serve the Museumplein area. Tram lines 2, 5, 12, and 19 stop near the Rijksmuseum.

By Train/Metro:

Metro/Train is the fastest way to reach Rijksmuseum. You can take either Line 1 or Line 19 by train or opt for Line 52 via the metro. 

If you choose the light rail train, your stops will be Leidseplein, Museumplein, or Vijzelgracht. 

Alternatively, if you opt for the metro, your destination stop will be Vijzelgracht.

By Bicycle:

Amsterdam is a bike-friendly city, and bike racks are available near the Rijksmuseum for visitors who prefer cycling.

By Car:

If you are driving, Utilize GPS or map apps for real-time navigation to reach Rijksmuseum. However, remember that parking in Amsterdam can be limited and relatively expensive.

By Bus:

Bus numbers 197, 129, 301, 170, 346, and 172 all stop near Rijksmuseum and are convenient ways to reach it. 

By Taxi or Ride-Sharing:

Taxis and ride-sharing services are also available for convenient transportation to the museum.

Know more about getting to Rijksmuseum.

Visiting Tips
  • Book tickets online in advance to avoid long lines.
  • Download the free museum audio guide app to learn more about the exhibits.
  • Focus on the top masterpieces – The Night Watch by Rembrandt, The Milkmaid by Vermeer, and self-portraits by Van Gogh.
  • Allot at least 2-3 hours to see the highlights leisurely. Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Stop by the museum cafe in the beautiful atrium for coffee or lunch to recharge.
  • Don’t forget special collections like fashion, Asian art, navy models, and dollhouses.
  • Buy a guided highlights tour for a more detailed visit.
  • Seek out museum staff if you have questions – they are very helpful!
  • Pick up a map so you don’t miss important rooms like the Library.
  • End your visit by relaxing in the Rijksmuseum gardens.

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